2in1 Warranty


All 2in1 Products come with a 2-year replacement warranty. 

 A possible warranty claim is requested with proof of purchase from the respective dealer, who then clarifies the warranty service with the manufacturer.

Warranty must be approved by manufacturer, Meyer Marketing GmbH. The manufacture has the right to replace parts or the whole product. 

The manufacture also has the right to not replace parts if damage is not caused by normal wear and tear. 

Please contact info@twoinoneshoulderpads.com


Football Equipment Warranty Details
2in1 warrants shoulder pads to be free from defects in fabric and workmanship for a duration of two (2) years from the date of shipment for all products.

If throughout the guarantee period, the shoulder pad shell and/or liner fail in the direction of regular use due to material defect, the consumer - not other parties having physical possession of the gear - shall notify 2in1 and request a return authorization.The faulty unit shall then be returned to 2in1’s repair address by means of the purchaser - freight prepaid. The shoulder pad will either be repaired or changed at 2in1’s choice and sent back to the client or its designate, freight prepaid. Duties, tariffs, and transportation insurance plan related with such return shall be the customer’s sole responsibility.  Any returns sent without approval will be void and will not be returned unless paid for by the customer. 

The foregoing warranty shall not apply to defects coming from:

1) incorrect or inadequate upkeep by customer, and/or

2) unauthorized modification, misuse, or accidents.

This guarantee shall be void as a result of any of the following:
Repairs or changes made to a shoulder pad which modify or alter the shoulder pad including the removal of any warning labels and/or unauthorized paint application.

  • Use of shoulder pad replacement parts different than 2in1 approved replacement parts.
  • The application of any unapproved gadget or material to the shoulder pad.
  • Failure to keep the shoulder pad in a climate-controlled environment.

2in1 reserves the right to void the warranty if pad(s) show signs of damage outside of normal wear and tear.