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“2inOne” is the legitimate successor of the well known CarbonTek shoulder pad system.
The groundbreaking CarbonTek shoulder pad emerged from Russell Athletics, USA after years of testing it. The sensational difference between the CarbonTek as well as the new 2inOne pad compared to conventional football shoulder pads is that the padding is not fixed to the outer shell as it is with traditional pads. Instead the padding is integrated into a separate vest that looks much like a padded football shirt. However, this padding is more comprehensive and consists of a specially developed foam with high shock absorption capability.

The Compression Vest

The extraordinary vest offers the advantage of keeping the perfect fit, regardless of the player’s movement, and thus giving more protection. An additional advantage lies in the extended length of the vest covering and protecting the ribs fully.

The vest being fully machine washable is another key feature of this unique equipment. Please note that the vest is not designed for laundry dryers and should be air-dried instead.

This new innovating padding reduces up to 81% of the impact. This results in an improvement of up to 20% compared to conventional material. Furthermore, worth mentioning: because of the equipment ́s special design, the vest can be also worn during no padded practices. Therefore, the player still gets some additional protection, while having the benefit of staying used to the equipment while practicing.

The Shell

The second extraordinary part of this new shoulder pad system is the separate outer shell, which is meant to be strapped onto the vest. There are two versions of the shell, both extremely light:

Made of polyethylene Made of carbon

The shell is fixed to the padded vest with strong hook-and-loop fasteners positioned at multiple decisive positions on the shell as well as on the vest. The result is an extreme closeness of equipment and body, which provides improved mobility and less gaps between protection and body. The front part of the outer shell is narrower than that of traditional pads, allowing the player to move the arms more freely.

An additional difference compared to traditional pads can be noted in the number of installed shoulder flaps, since the 2inOne only uses one of these cups. This might seem unusual, but is making sense, if you keep in mind that the padded vest already holds additional padding around the shoulder. This padding even reaches to the upper part of the biceps. This is a distinct optimization compared to the traditional two flaps construction, especially since the vest ́s padding does not hold the risk of opening up to the top and covers the shoulder entirely.

No question, this new system can be called a true revolution in football shoulder padding. The extraordinary vest, as well as the extremely light weight outer shell are raising the bar.