User Instructions 2inOne Shoulder Pad

The 2inONE shoulder pad is an equipment especially designed for football players to reduce the risk of shoulder injury during the game.



Measure your shoulder width: While standing, measure across the back from one end of the shoulder bone to the other. Round up the measure to the next full cm/inch.




• Line up the front hook-and-loop fasteners and flip the rest over your shoulders.
• Make sure it sits firmly on your shoulder.
• Close the buckles on both sides adjusting them to the length for a tight fit.



Hand-wash the vest. AIR DRY, do not put it in a dryer.

Use a soft wet towel without using detergents, to remove dirt or stains on the outer shell. 

• When not in use, store the pad in a dry and well ventilated area.



• Padded vest: molded polyurethane foam, nylon/spandex mesh fabric

• Outer shell: carbon thermal plastic/Kevlar (carbon pad) or polyethylene (poly pad)



• No shoulder pad can offer total protection against injuries.

• This shoulder pad does not assure a specific attenuation of impacts.

• Don’t use the shoulder pad for any other sports than American football.

• Wrong use of the shoulder pad would decrease the level of protection.

• If you experience any pain in your shoulders, a physician must be consulted prior to using the shoulder pad.

• Don’t use the shoulder pad if any functional part of it is damaged or broken.

• Any part of the damaged carbon 2inOne pad must be repaired with original parts from your authorized dealer.