2in1 Velcro Conversion Kit - Male (Hard)

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The Velcro system of the 2inOne Shoulder Pads will be changed as follows:

On the shells the soft side (female) of the Velcro fastener will be attached, on the vests, the rough side (male), which is vice versa compared to before. The aim of the change is that the aggressive rough Velcro side does not damage the vest through friction, which could well be the case so far.

However, this change can only be made gradually. Since some poly shells are converted first, we have developed the following interim solution: All new shells are shipped with a conversion kit assembled by us. The conversion kit consists of 6 Velcro strips (rough side) each with 3 different
lengths (see below picture).

The two short stripes are placed on the front, the two medium-length
stripes on the shoulder area and the two long stripes on the back of the shell.

During the changeover phase, it may happen that products that you have in stock are not compatible with new converted products you’ll receive. In this case, we will of course provide you with the
conversion kits free of charge.

Over time, all three 2inOne products will be converted so that no extra conversion kits are needed.